requestId=request_id, ErrorCode=InvalidArgument, ErrorMessage=Invalid argument


异常类型 异常信息 补充说明
AccessDenied Access Denied 权限不足。
CorruptedDataStream The data stream was corrupted, please try again later
DataUnderReplication The specified table data is under replication and you cannot initiate upload or download at this time. Please try again later 数据处于跨级群复制状态,无法操作。
DataVersionConflict The specified table has been modified since the upload or download initiated and table data is being replicated at this time. Please initiate another download or upload later 当前集群上的数据处于复制状态,无法进行数据操作,请稍后重试。
DataStoreError 存储错误 建议联系管理员。
FlowExceeded Your flow quota is exceeded 数据长传/下载超过流量限制。建议检查控制并发量,如果确实需要增加并发,请联系项目空间所有者或管理员评估流量压力。
InConsistentBlockList The specified block list is not consistent with the uploaded block list on server side
IncompleteBody You did not provide the number of bytes specified by the Content-Length HTTP header
InternalServerError Service internal error, please try again later 服务内部错误,建议重试或联系管理员。
InvalidArgument Invalid argument 参数不合法。
InvalidBlockID The specified block id is not valid 非法BlockID。
InvalidColumnSpec The specified columns is not valid 非法列名, 通常是指定列下载时列名错误。
InvalidRowRange The specified row range is not valid 指定行数不合法,通常是超出了数据最大行数或者为0,建议检查相关参数。
InvalidStatusChange You cannot change the specified upload or download status
InvalidResourceSpec 通常为Project/Table/Partition信息与Session不一致 建议检查相关信息并重试。
InvalidURI Couldn’t parse the specified URI
InvalidUriSpec The specified uri spec is not valid
InvalidProjectTable 项目或表名称不合法 建议检查相关名称。
InvalidPartitionSpec 分区信息不合法 请检查分区信息。例如,t=’1’,ct=’2016’。
MalformedDataStream The data stream you provided was not well-formed or did not validate against schema 数据格式错误,通常是网络断开或Schema与Table的不一样导致。
MalformedHeaderValue An HTTP header value was malformed
MalformedXML The XML you provided was not well-formed or did not validate against schema
MaxMessageLengthExceeded Your request was too big
MethodNotAllowed The specified method is not allowed against this resource 方法不支持,通常是尝试导出视图。目前不支持视图导出。
MissingContentLength You must provide the Content-Length HTTP header
MissingPartitionSpec You need to specify a partitionspec along with the specified table 缺失分区信息,分区表操作必须携带分区信息,建议补充分区信息。
MissingRequestBodyError The request body is missing
MissingRequiredHeaderError Your request was missing a required header
NoPermission You do not have enough privilege to complete the specified operation
NoSuchData The uploaded data within this uploaded no longer exists
NoSuchPartition The specified partition does not exist 指定的分区不存在,Tunnel不会创建分区,需要您自行创建分区后再上传下载。
NoSuchUpload The specified upload id does not exist 指定的Upload ID指定的不存在。
NoSuchDownload The specified download id does not exist 指定的Download ID不存在。
NoSuchProject The specified project name does not exist 项目不存在,建议检查相关名称。
NoSuchTable The specified table name does not exist 表不存在,建议检查相关名称。
NoSuchVolume The specified volume name does not exist 指定的volume name不存在。
NoSuchVolumeFile The specified volume file does not exist 指定的volume file指定的不存在。
NoSuchVolumePartition The specified volume partition does not exist 指定的volume partition不存在。
NoPermission 权限不足通常原因是无相关权限或者设置了IP白名单 建议检查权限是否正确。
NotImplemented A header you provided implies functionality that is not implemented
ObjectModified The specified object has been modified since the specified timestamp
RequestTimeOut Your socket connection to the server was not read from or written to within the timeout period
ServiceUnavailable Service is temporarily unavailable, Please try again later
StatusConflict You cannot complete the specified operation under the current upload or download status Session过期或者已经提交,重新创建Session上传。
TableModified The specified table has been modified since the download initiated. Try initiate another download 表数据在上传下载期间被其他任务改动,建议重新创建Session重试。
Unauthorized The request authorization header is invalid or missing 通常是AccessID、AccessKey有误,或本地机器时间与服务端时间差距15分钟以上。
UnexpectedContent This request does not support content